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TARGET Coastal San Diego With Blue Book's Family Of High-End Community Publications.
Helping To Grow Local Businesses For Over 75 Years!!

With more than 3 generations of usage and support from locals, Blue Book has been the premier go-to print search resource for residents, businesses & tourists since 1937.

Our business is based on the belief that directional advertising is the most effective way small businesses can invest their advertising dollars. Blue Book marketing services allow businesses to effectively reach local, coastal communities at the time their services are needed through print resources that are trusted and have exclusively serviced the affluent coastal communities of San Diego county for 77+ years.

We don't run and hide from the word "directory." Blue Book's local community print publications continue to thrive and produce great results for small businesses. In today's economy and with all the competition from nationwide corporate businesses with unlimited budgets, small businesses simply can't afford to decide how they should allocate their advertising dollars based on generalities and hypothetical statements.

If you play follow the leader with your advertising budget, we aren't a fit for you because the web is full of 25 year old supposed marketing whiz kids from New York who make general statements about the death of all forms of print advertising in every area of the country. If you want to understand why the print Blue Books continue to enjoy unbelievable usage, you need to consider things like the impact of our nearly 80-year history with the communities we service and the demographics of the homeowners in these communities. Print is far from dead and the Coastal San Diego Blue Books make believers out of doubters and fools out of supposed marketing experts espousing false generalities on a daily basis.

Coastal San Diego residents, businesses and visitors rely on our trusted print directories and being featured in these trusted local guides at the time these affluent buyers search for your services is the most cost-effective and proven way to generate a return on investment.

With a large loyal base of advertisers, many of whom have partnered with us for decades, ad space is limited for new clients. Contact one of our experienced community marketing professionals today!

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